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Dumb Ways to Die 1.43

Dumb Ways to Die 1.43 Free Download

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Smart ways to spend your time


Dumb Ways to Die is a comical App available to download for Android and iOS devices in which you will have to pass different mini-games to get the highest score possible. Published by the Metro Trains Melbourne Company, this application teaches you what you must not do, under any kind of circumstance, in order to keep yourself alive and avoid being nominated for the Darwin Awards, which are not at all good for you.

With an adorably cartoon design, Dumb Ways to Die presents a whole collection of none-too-smart decisions such as introducing a fork in your toaster (don’t do it) or sharing a hot dog with rattlesnakes (bad idea). The title has become quite popular due to its quick fun the moment you start the game on your mobile device with simple instructions, and perfect for playing when you have a couple of free minutes.

Dumb Ways to Die presents a whole collection of none-too-smart decisions such as introducing a fork in your toaster (don’t do it) or sharing a hot dog with rattlesnakes (bad idea)

The application has been designed to be used on the most number of devices possible. For this reason, the visual aspect is pretty simple, but charming at the same time. You won’t have awesome effects or realistic graphics, simply because the title does not need them. Its childish visual style and the 8-bit digital sound really have created an entertaining game.

Patience and reflexes are needed
Patience and reflexes are needed


This mobile title includes 15 different objectives that will put your reflexes and speed to test. These mini-games make use of your touchscreen and your microphone for the different missions available. For example, you will have to clean the screen of puke to avoid the character to falling down and accidentally pass away, or tap as fast as possibly to extinguish the fire of a character with burning hair.

Since the game is that simple, it may not have so much longevity, but if you want to get to the top of the leaderboard you will a lot of practice. The main reason for keeping on playing Dumb Ways to Die despite being very fun is that you can unlock several characters on the main menu screen and additional content without any kind of further download. This way you can get all the characters that appear in the different mini-games and a final music video with the original song.

Dumb Ways to Die 1.43 Features

Check out the main features of this App for mobile platforms:

  • Up to 15 different games like the self-taught pilot you can help by blowing on the device's microphone or flicking piranhas away to avoid being eaten
  • Pay attention to the different mini games getting faster with each further round until it becomes impossible
  • Unlockable content such as more characters and the original music video achieving different scores without additional updates to download
  • See your score and compete against your friends by checking the leaderboard available from the main menu
  • Don’t push the red button, because really, nothing good will come from that

For more information about the App, be free to check the official website.

Don't you dare...

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for your mobile device:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 and later, iOS 4.3 and later
  • Space: 35MB free on your device

free download